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Jaipur: A person’s body has been found hanging from the wall of the Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur and it has been written in stone – I do not hang the effigy. Chetan Tantric was killed. After this sensational incident, the police are in Action initial investigation, the police told that the body has been identified. His name was told by Chetan Sharma and he got a railway ticket from Mumbai. Police have denied this incident by joining Padmavati. The police are currently investigating the angle that this matter is suicide or murder.


Attempts to spoil the environment

On one stone it has been found that the robbers are not Allah’s foes, each one is very heavy at 10-10. Chetan Tantric was killed. On another stone it is written that those opposing Padmavati, we do not just hang the effigy on the fort, we are in the dust.

It is clear from these things that someone has written this on the walls after the killing and has tried to give the atmosphere Hindu-Muslim color. However, the police say that it is not clear from the investigation so far that there is no connection to the case from Padmavati.


People like Nahargarh

People often come in the evening at this place, about 22 kilometers from the city of Jaipur. There is a restaurant where people come to eat, while some people stand on the walls and drink it. From here the city gets a full view, so tourists like to come here.

A ticket is required to come within Nahargarh and those who go to the restaurant also have to take a separate ticket. Here some CCTVs are also nearby. The police are also trying to ascertain through CCTV that who came here with this person.


The story of Chetan Tantric

The mention of Tantric Chetan in the Padma, the epic of Malik Mohammed Jaisi Tantric Chetan Raghav used to be in the court of King Ratansena of Chittorgarh. Once offended by his system of education, the king had thrown him out of the court and had expelled the country.

Tantric showed the moonlight of full moon with the tantra of the night before the full moon day. Apart from this, Raja Ratansena was also upset with the pundits who were against the system vidya. After the removal of the country, Tantric Chetan reached the court of Raghav Alauddin Khilji.

There she gave Khilji the beauty of Queen Padmavati. According to Jaisi’s Padmavat, Chetan Raghav had told the Khaliji in detail about the beauty of Rani Padmavati only after the desire to get the Padmavati Queen of Khilji was awakened and she attacked the Fort of Chittorgarh.




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