credit card fake verification call incident

fake verification call

Hello friends,

Today I am here to tell about a real incident which was happened to me on last day before yesterday. This all about a fake credit card block verification call. As you all know every action has the equal and opposite reaction. I am saying that because day by day world growing forward to digitalization and it’s very helpful for us. We can also not stay without digitalization but it’s there are some bad things are also included with that.

Everyone wants to carry plastic money with them which is also a good thing because if they carry more hard cash it will be difficult to manage. So, they carry plastic money with a signal card but if they want to carry card they have to carry some digital information like password, card number etc.

But it should be safe. You all are known why I want to tell you Day before yesterday in the morning I received a call from bank and they tell me that,

My credit card is going to block because I am using 4 credit cards from other banks I ask them for which bank account they are talking about. Then, they ask me in which bank you did not link your Aadhar card. But, I have linked my Aadhar number with all the bank accounts.  Then I asked them you tell me for which bank, you are asking me about and they just disconnected the call

Because that was the fake call I am writing this article to save all of you friends. Anytime anyone can call you and ask for digital information. Please do not share with anyone including bank team.




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