Shutdown Computer without any physical touch.

Step 1. Install outlook on computer and configure email account in which you want to shut down (I am using outlook 2010)

Step 2. Create a (.bat) file with command shutdown -s -t 100 (t=time limit)

Step 3. Create outlook rule on the computer which you want to shut down

Step 4. Go to Rule section and select manage rule & alert as per below image

Step 5. Select Apply rule on message I receive as per below image and next

Step6. Check on this computer only, sent only to me and with the specific word on the subject as per below image (sett specific word “shutdown”) then next.

Step 6.  Check Start application and select .bat file then next

Step 7 no need to select any parameter in exceptions  finish

Step 8 send an email with the subject shutdown and check system will shutdown Automatically.



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