Trump has started the war.

Trump has started the war, now the US will have to go through fire shawls: N-Korea


The tension between North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Missile Programs has increased significantly between him and the US.

Moscow North Korea has said that Donald Trump has started the war and now America will have to go through fire shawls. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Reyeong Ho has commented in a conversation with a Russian news agency. Let’s say that tensions have increased significantly in recent weeks between North America and Nuclear Weapons and Missile Programs between him and the US. Our Nuclear Program Guarantee Peace and Security.

Speaking to Russia’s official news agency Hour (TASS), North Korea’s Foreign Minister Reyung Ho said, “Our nuclear program is a guarantee of peace and security in this area and it will not be a matter of discussion.”

Let us know that North Korea has tested many missiles. On September 3, he did the sixth nucleus test, which was a hydrogen bomb. South Korea, America, and Japan are very angry with this move.

North Korea has conducted 15 tests since February this year, during which 22 missiles have been tainted, out of which 2 have passed over Japan. North Korea has openly said that it is increasing its missile capability to attack America.




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