How Someone can collect your Passwords

How Someone can collect your Passwords

#1.Phishing attacks is a most powerful attach to get your data, like Facebook use id password twitter user id passwords or any bank account password or detail you. should know about how someone can be done this activity.

If you have received any kind of link thru any source like massage, email, WhatsApp etc. don’t put your secrete detail in mentioned fields always check site address in the address bar if there is something different with real address don’t put your any kind of information.


#2.somebody can Directly ask to you see how. if somebody have your bank detail like your card no mobile number (you already provided on so many websites like paytm any bank site etc) no need to CVV number you can check  just pay amount on any site and fill wrong CVV most of the time payment will be done with the wrong CVV number so after collecting required detail from any sources somebody will call you and force you to ask One time password (OTP) (don’t share your OTP with anyone) after that somebody can use user money.



#3.Virus attack Malware, spyware, ransomware virus attack is an also powerful   attack to collect your system details is work on with the help of virus somebody can collect your system stored data like passwords id’s etc if you think your


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