Whatsapp Tricks

Did you know somebody can access your WhatsApp chat thru the wahtscan app.

1.Let’s see how. Download the whatscan app and install on your mobile phone. then open, you will get a QR code. Same QR code scan thru others WhatsApp which you want to hack.

App link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatscan&hl=en 

Go to others phone settings >  WhatsApp web and scan your what-scan app QR code thru others WhatsApp and click on keep me signed in, after that, you will get same messages on you WhatsApp which your friend or another one will receive.


2.Did you know how can you hide you read message information without disabling read receipt option just check, when you receive any messages from others just activate flight mode of your phone and read massage after that disable flight mode then no-one can identify you read that massages or not.


3.Get connect your whatsapp with your PC just go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ then open your whatsapp setting > WhatsApp web. and scan QR code which showing on pc.



4.Did you know how you can get your important group or profile messages always on top it can be your favorite friends or your office group. let’s see just open you WhatsApp and tap on group or profile which you want always on top and tap on the pin after that same group or profile will be always on top.



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